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The Most Up-To-Date Equipment for Electrical Utilities

Call on Hassett Utility Sales to supply your specialty equipment needs. As an electrical utility serving a very distinct population and geographic area, your precise needs will be met by our skilled professionals who know what you require.

Manufacturers' Representatives

Get what you want from the equipment builder of your choosing. We're able to work for multiple manufacturers at the same time and sell customers on numerous products from different companies. We operate as the marketing and sales team for more than one product manufacturer and are the right choice because we have experience dating back to 1967.

Pick up the best advice on what will benefit your utility the most. We know what the equipment does and what you'll need. We offer you extensive knowledge on the products we sell, and if you ask us for a specific product we don't have, we'll help you find it.


There's no need to worry if a technical glitch results in a problem that requires immediate attention. We'll come to you promptly to assess and remedy a problem. We have a professional engineer available at all times. We may also arrange for the manufacturer to send someone to adjust a problem.

If a piece of equipment you receive is damaged or operation is somehow impaired, we'll be there with someone from the manufacturer or our own engineer. Your issue will be resolved as quickly as possible.

Costly items may occasionally take months to ship. Whenever that happens, count on us to be with you when your new item arrives. As your product is being delivered, we'll be on hand to make sure everything from setup to startup goes smoothly.